Wind, Storm and Mold Damage

Fix Up Your Home After a Storm

Fix Up Your Home After a Storm

Count on us for wind damage restoration in Lake Charles, LA

Strong winds can rip apart your roof and do serious damage to the structure of your home. Time Machine of Louisiana can help to reverse the damage done and make sure your home is sturdy and safe. We'll take care of any wind damage restoration services you might need.

Contact us today to discuss the wind damage restoration we do in Lake Charles, LA.

Don't let nasty weather destroy your home for good

When we do storm damage restoration, the first thing we do is assess and address the damage done.

This involves:

  • Figuring out how badly the storm affected your home
  • Providing emergency support and preservation services
  • Removing fallen trees and debris
  • Cleaning and restoring your home exterior
This process takes about three to seven days. Then, we move forward with phase two: reconstruction services. We will fully mitigate the storm damage and make sure your home or business is restored.

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Keep mold from running rampant through your home

Water damage often leads to mold growth. We can take care of mold remediation and removal so you don't have to worry. We will stop the water from causing any more damage, and then we'll address your mold problem. You can tell you have mold by noticing the dark stains on your ceilings or musty smell throughout your house.